Fields Pond Foundation
Assisting community-based nature and land conservation organizations.

About the Foundation

The primary mission of Fields Pond Foundation is to provide financial assistance to nature and land conservation organizations that are community-based and that serve to increase environmental awareness by involving local residents in conservation issues.

The Foundation's emphasis stems from its founding Directors' beliefs that the conservation of special places in our environment, and providing public accessibility to those conservation areas, is a desirable end in itself; but it is also a means of building public support for future land and river conservation by increasing the direct connection between individuals and their environment, and fostering active participation in the work of conservation. The Foundation hopes to nurture such efforts by making grants under the following priorities:

  1. Project grants for trailmaking and other enhancement of public access to conservation lands, rivers, coastlines and other natural resources;
  2. Land acquisition for conservation;
  3. Assistance in establishment of stewardship as a component of a land protection project; and
  4. Directly related education programs and publications as components of a land protection project.

The Foundation encourages proposals from municipal government agencies.  The Foundation may also consider short-term loans to conservation groups for the purpose of acquiring conservation lands. 

The Foundation is looking for grantmaking opportunities where a modest investment of grant funds can help in a significant way to improve public access to and enjoyment of natural areas, while maintaining the health and integrity of the environment. Projects in which volunteerism is a significant component are more likely to be funded.

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